Wednesday, August 26, 2009



The stars came out in force to toast the diva of comedy Joan Rivers at the Central Comedy Roast event on July 26th. Joan Rivers is famous for her sarcastic wit and dry humor and also for her sense of impeccable style. Whenever she makes an appearance her hairstyles and fashion choices are always on the mark. On this occasion where she was the center of attention, her hairstyle, clothes and makeup looked fabulous.

Joan Rivers wore a simple black dress cut to the knee with a round neckline accented by an opulent gold patterned tapestry cropped jacket with black collar. She accessorized her wardrobe choice with a multi-strand necklace of iridescent gray stones and matching earrings. The look was glitzy and elegant without going overboard and made her appearance quite outstanding.

Joan Rivers at the Central Comedy Roast event on July 26th

Never one to wear her light golden blond hair longer than medium length, she opted for a sassy classic bob layered cut with a far right part and flipped ends. Joan River’s hairstyle was full at the crown with a full fringe bang swept up and over her forehead, forming a unique frame for her lovely and well-defined facial features.

Joan River’s makeup was cool and classy, using neutral tones to add more impact to the dramatic dark eyelashes and eyeliner as well as movie star red lipstick. There was no question about who was the star of the moment, her hairstyle and wardrobe choices had more than enough glamorous celebrity power to make a lasting impression on the red carpet.


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