Monday, December 6, 2010

hot short haircuts for 2010

It seems that early in 2010 is once again witnessing the return of great design as possible. It is even invading the fashion scene, the result is to see so many people (famous or not) a lot of sports shorter hair, but what - or the people around them - can be used.

And because these new people "dos" their way into the Internet, many women are beginning to realize, how much easier it is to have short hair, is, perhaps, because apart from the trendy short hairstyles are easy to manage. The big plus is - looks very sexy and is definitive.

If you imagine that short cuts simply mean one particular cut or length, you now have a rethink.
In fact, you can classify the three categories with which short hair:
  • Super short
  • Length of jaw
  • Chin length and short hair.
The versatility of these models is good, has, with the color and effect chic and feminine, just incredible. You know what I mean when you go on these hot short haircuts for 2010.

short haircuts for 2010


This is one of the hottest of hot hairstyles short list for 2010. Bobs are so versatile, it fits any face shape. If the face is round, you can go for cutting longer. The effect is overwhelming, because it lengthens the face just a little ', and make him look thinner.

You have straight hair? Then Bob is perfect for you. To achieve this, that this combination of attractive girls Street Urchin boy, face, hug result, make sure that the longer the hair, only about an inch above the chin. If your texture tends to be from the wave, you use a good straightener to achieve the desired effect, because Bob's hair needs very, very straight.

The Pixie

This hot short haircuts for 2010, also known as "Pixie Cut" is in fashion this year and rising. There is a clear named after a mythical creature of mythology. You can only trim the hair can be achieved very thin near the ears, the layers are then moved to the left on the crown and neck. This is usually pony with bangs swept to one side, which can be short or long, depending on your preferences.

Razored Punk

This is much more flexible than others. It 's so close to the long sides of filaments, while the top, so cut a "Touch offers sharp style. You can get creative and make your personal style with the help of some' extra foam to keep it - You can also show that "wild" look you dream, Don! You can select any form of what are the hair depending on the desired product. great option, styling, that those who prefer not so much in the punk look is messy razored style. Some not-so-young women of this style, providing a youthful look.

Edgy Short Hair Styles

Victoria   Beckham Edgy Bob
Victoria Beckham Edgy Short Hairstyles

Not to be confused with Punk razored. Most versions of this haircut edgy asymmetrical cuts or strong geometric lines and goes well with bright colors. Because of its uniqueness, he seems to support its own personality. The hair must be very, very direct, but with this style. Natural curls can work, but requires close attention to cutting the desired effect. With only a small amount of styling products and a pinch here and there, you're ready to go!


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