Thursday, November 4, 2010

Mullet Hairstyles asian

For those who have never come across the word mullet before, the mullet is a usually hairstyle that is short around the front portion of the head with much longer hair at the back. Western or Asian mullet hairstyles are common these days.

The mullet started to become famous somewhere in the 1980s. Unbelievably, it is still very popular even among celebrity figures, Eastern or Western. There are various mullet hairstyles.

Some men or women like to have curly hair at the front and sides of the head with long straight hair at the back. This sort of hairstyle is well liked by Asian women. Some women prefer it long at the back while others may maintain shoulder length hair at the back.

Mullet HairstylesMullet Hairstyles

Another hairstyle comprises of slightly curly hair at the front and sides of the head with very long and curly hair at the back. Some Asian men of Indian origin like this sort of hairstyle. Normally, they tie up their hair neatly with hair bands when they go for work or attend any formal affair.

In the case of Asian men of Chinese origin or similar ethnicity, sporting a mullet with straight hair at the front and sides with long or shoulder length straight hair is popular. Among them, some people prefer to dye their hair blond or other similar shades.

Certain people choose lighter shades at the front and sides with darker color at the back. A mullet is easy to maintain. Visiting the hair saloon once in three months or so might do the trick to maintain the hairstyle.

Mullet Hairstyles asian

Mullet Hairstyles

Asking the hair stylist to wash, blow, trim and dye the hair if necessary is more cost-effective. Normally, hair saloons give special discounts for a number of hair services at one go. For ideas on sporting suitable Asian mullet hairstyles, consult a professional hairstylist.


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