In the 60 years Bob hairstyles are medium rediscovered, to learn very quickly a genuine global boom. In 1963, the variant is created under the Sassoon hair scissors of the barber Star Vidal Sassoon in London and will soon become a cult hair. The Sassoon variant is chin-length, has a clear straight contour lines and short nape. It is suitable for all hair types. Whether smooth, wavy or curly hair, the Sassoon hair adorned millions of women around the world and Vidal Sassoon, it helps to a well deserved international reputation. He gets, among other things, the title of “revolutionary of hair fashion ‘and’ Figaro most famous of the 20th Century ‘.

In the new millennium, the medium length Bob haircut is not forgotten. Especially in 2007, she experienced a new remarkable comeback. The variant “Victoria Beckham Bob” is born, experiencing an impressive growth. The Bob of the 21st Century is unprecedented broad and diversified. The Bob hairstyle of the new millennium is in the truest sense of the word multiform and multi-colored. Top-class extravagance to bizarre are the numerous new versions of old classic Bob. Maintain the Bob can be best with high-quality hair cosmetics products from the areaƂ directly from a hairdressing equipment online trading.
Let us mention the “Asymmetric Bob”, in which the neck is asymmetrically cut, also known as “Victoria Beckham Bob”. This variant is currently supported hairstyles very happy to ladies who prefer medium length hairstyles.
A creation of the 21 Century is also the “Long Bob”, in which the hair is shoulder length and combed with a middle or side parting.
Even more exciting and exotic of the “A-Line Bob” sounds, with a straight-cut bangs and a classic straight-cut hair side. However, it is more suitable for straight hair, in which the cut may come to full advantage.
Why the name “Merkel Bob” comes, will not be declared, it is also the head of the world famous Bob. Strictly speaking, however, he is seen as a page’s head. For the Bob hairstyle in the hair longer than chin-length hair and neck are not shaved, is a pageboy haircut.

New elements of the Bob hairstyle of today are in addition to the asymmetry of the side areas that are frayed, cut or bent forward and the side areas with excess length. Furthermore, angestuften cut neck, cut fanciful ponies as well as in zig zag lines mentioned beveled cut side games. The easy care of Bob can also conjure up by skillful imaginative styling every imaginable haircut.
In this category we have borne for you the latest trends in hair medium hair area together. The last years were marked by Bob hairstyles medium length very much. Even the famous Victoria Beckham cut a furor. It is likely that this trend continue in 2010. The advantage of a medium length hairstyle is that the hairdresser still riff a brisk haircut. This is in contrast to a long hair styled and blow-dried pretty quickly. He also brings many benefits.