Thursday, April 1, 2010

4th hairstyle article - hairstyles for 2010

Hairsyles for 2010 - style your hair curly or wavy for springhairst.

The flat-as-a-board hair moment is so over. After a decade of sleek, anemic strands, curly haired women are embracing their luscious, ample curves in the form of afros, spirals and corkscrew curls. Waves are the wave of the future. Try on spring hairstyles for 2010 in our virtual makeover studio.

To play up natural curls, use Alterna Caviar Texture Crème and diffuse, break apart curls with fingers and spray with Alterna Caviar Shine & Define Spray for control and shine.

To create curls with a curling iron, use 1-1 ½ inch iron or for medium to long use 2-2 ½ inch iron. Divide into small sections and spray with Alterna Ten Brushable Hairspray and curl. After completely curling, apply a few drops of Alterna Caviar Polishing drops to your palms and loosely break apart curls. Finish with Alterna Caviar Shine and Define Hairspray.

Other products for getting curly hair to behave as you wish:

Texturizing cream. Keeps sections of curly hair clustered together for alluringly messy bed head.

Mousse. Perfect for use with a teasing comb.

Gel. Smoothes and defines for sleeker ringlets.

Curl-enhancing spray. Shapes straight hair into waves and tightens up natural curls.

Conditioning spray: Gives shine and bounce while detangling curls.


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