Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sarah Harding Popular Hairstyles

Sarah Harding Popular Hairstyles

Lucky for Sarah Harding, her face is everywhere in the magazines and on the internet. What a great outlet for her beautiful style and image. Women want to look like her and men can’t get enough! What are her secrets?

Sarah Harding Side Swept Bangs

Sarah’s beautiful hairstyles start in her face shape. She has a mostly oval face with a strong, square jaw line. So, she is kind of an oval leaning towards square face shape. That is lucky because her oval shape leaves her lots of options with her hair styles. Nearly everything will look god on her. That is a positive. But she clearly enjoys her short hairstyle and blonde hair which we can all agree looks divine.

Sarah Harding Long Bangs

So why does this style work so well for her? Sarah’s hairstyle, with long bangs and far back part, allow her stylist to keep her hair short towards the sides and really play with the bangs and much longer hair on top. This allows Sarah to change her style at a whim with just a few hair products. She has a very versatile look!

Sarah Harding Hair

This style is really good for almost any shaped face. But if you have a round face, don’t cut a chin length bob to frame your face. And if you have an even more square face or long face, you will want to wear the side-swept bangs to soften the angles and shorten your face for balance. Other than that, consult your stylist, but be confident in changing to this look!


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