Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Indie Hair Trends 2009

Indie Hair Trends 2009

The indie style has been booming for the past couple of years. Both men and women have grown accustomed to this look. It is popular among many different musicians as well as actors and actresses. Use this as your guide to the perfect indie hairstyles. Those who are looking for a style that is easy yet fashionable will find all of this information incredibly helpful!

Waves are very popular within the indie style. If you have naturally wavy hair, you must not hide it away with the straightener. In fact, look for products as well as cuts that will help bring those waves out. if you have longer hair, you can make your face look a lot slimmer by having natural waves present. You can also have great waves if you have shorter hair as well. Michelle Williams is a perfect example of an indie darling. She has beautiful flowing blonde hair. Instead of straightening the hair out, she prefers to wear it naturally wavy.

Guys that choose this style prefer longer hair. In most cases, you will find that the hair is medium length or even a bit shorter. Once a little bit of product is applied to the hair, the look is perfect and you are ready to get out there! Look at the various razor cuts that you can look into as well. if you are a simple type of guy, you may just want to let your hair go naturally. This will give you the scruffy look that those indie girls love!


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