Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tips on Choosing a Hairstyle for Men

Tips on Choosing a Hairstyle for Men pictureHow to choose a perfect hairstyle is really a problem for men, why, because I have seen a lot guys often choose a unsuitable hairstyle, it looks not that good.If you're having trouble trying to decide which one is right for you,here are some factors you should take into consideration. Here are some tips on choosing a hairstyle for men, hope this can help you choose the right hair style.

Take a look in the mirror.Know your hair. Curly or straight, short or long enough, the texture of your hair, bushy or easily manageable,have an abundance of hair or are you starting to thin etc.How to determain face shapes

Check out your facial features. Do you have a square jaw, a round jaw or a protruding nose? All of these things are important as your hair style will frame your face.

Decide what statement you are trying make. Cool, hip, carefree, party guy is a bit different from a business man who is a captain of industry.

Search the ideal hairstyle from TVs and magazines.Be sure to see if those people you like have similar facial features and hair characteristics as yours.
Communicate with your hair stylist or barber. They're not mind readers, you have to tell them what you want. And don't be afraid to speak up, it's their job.


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