Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Kim Bum Clean Straight Layered hairstyle for guys

Kim Bum Medium long Straight Shag Hair Style Kim Bum
oh my gosh, he is so handsome!
Kim Bum is a South Korean actor who has appeared in numerous Korean television series and dramas such as High Kick! and East of Eden. I'm sure that Kim Bum's hair style is one of his best asset aside from his killer smile and his cute chinky eyes.
Kim Bum

This is a good hairstyle for guys to back to school
Kim Bum Clean Layered hairstyle for guys
young, clean, straight, medium length hairstyle from Kim Bum
He is best known for playing the role of So Yi Jung in the popular Korean drama Boys Over Flowers.
If you want to create this straight hair style , just tell your stylist to cut your hair a little thinner when you try to achieve this kind of hairstyle. The thinner your hair the easier it will be to style. Use a little bit of gel and run through your hair. Move your bangs to one side in order to avoid blocking your vision. Use gel or wax to shape your hair.


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