Wednesday, February 11, 2009

5th hairstyle article - men hairstyles 2010

If you're like most men, you probably made a New Year's resolution that you've been finding difficult to keep. To make a resolution you know you can follow through on, try doing something different with your hairstyle this year.

All it takes is a bit of inspiration and a trip to your barber. To help you with the former, here we lay out 2010's hottest hairstyles. For guys who lean on the conservative side, whose jobs require clean-cut looks, or for those who want a low-maintenance 'do, we have three classic hairstyles that are both fashionable and functional. Plus, men whose work doesn't dictate their style and who like to push the envelope in the grooming department will dig the three trend-driven styles that will dominate this year. So, whatever your lifestyle or personality, read on to discover how you'll be rocking your mane in 2010.

Classic haircuts are really setting the tone in 2010 for men's hair. One style you'll be seeing a lot of is the slick back, or wet look, inspired by the heyday of Brylcreem in the 1950s. Think of Leonardo Dicaprio's timeless styles or how David Beckham sports his hair in Armani's latest underwear campaign and you'll get a clear idea of the direction hairstylists are going in this year.

A second important trend will be a precise side part. For a big statement look in 2010, try a part from left to right that overlaps slightly on the right side. The good news is that all of these styles are extremely easy for any barber to replicate, they're straightforward to maintain and they're universally flattering.

This year is all about being yourself and not fussing too much with your appearance. That doesn't mean, of course, that you should let your hair grow long and your beard grow longer. For men with gray hair, however, it does mean that you won't need to visit a salon in the next 12 months to color your mane, nor will you have to endure the negative consequences associated with DIY dye jobs.

The buzz cut is another timeless style that will be prominent this year. With this cut, hair is kept as short as possible, and to ensure you appear polished rather than maniacal, it's absolutely imperative that an even length is maintained all over your head. With a buzz cut, it's possible to successfully cut your hair yourself, but it does take patience, the right tools and a good mirror so that you can see the back of your head.

If you feel at all uncertain about chopping your own hair, see a professional. In either case, scissors should be used to crop hair quite close to the skull prior to using a razor to finish the job properly. Men with receding hairlines will benefit from this cut as it makes the most of what you do have and conceals hair loss. Guys who lead busy lives will also appreciate this cut for its ultra-low-maintenance and wash-and-go factor.


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